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I am dealing with some of the same kind of issues. My husband gets annoyed at something and gets angry at something and storms out. He says he is leaving but is over it the next day. The yelling and impulsiveness shakes me up quiet a bi

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@snowwhite777 Has anything settled down with your husband? Has he been able to see a doctor and get some help? And mostly, how are you coping?

It is very difficult for all parties involved. I (as a patient) am not in control of some of these things. I as well mistake what is being said as confrontational and will either lash out or go to my room. I feel stupid after. Sometimes it will linger with me for days. I cant let it go because I didnt want to hurt my wife’s (my blessing of a caregiver) feelings.
We are starting to notice this more and are working through it best we can. We know it isn’t going to get better.
We do know that we love each other.
I always tell her that it isn’t anything she did or said. It is the disease.

Shaking you up is definitely a normal response to this. It shakes me up as well and I’m not on the receiving end.

Have you worked with your neurologist and / or psych doc on this?
They were able to give us some advice we are pouting into play daily.

They might be able to help you too.

Larry H.

My beloved accuses me of having tirades and I am admittedly explosive but these are a projection and he gets enraged. His recovery is rather quick though he remembers the "fight" and carries his grievances for a long time. Oh where is memory loss when we most need it? I just realized that his overtalking me is often the trigger as I then [heaven help us] try to repeat my message.