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Bowel incontinence

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I’ve had IBS-D for many years. By trying various remedies, I’ve hit upon what I think is the cause, though sometimes I have a blowout that dispels my theory. Anyway, milk and milk products seem to be to cause my diarrhea. But I continued to wander. What, besides lactose, does milk contain that could cause diarrhea? Thank you

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The milk protein itself can cause an allergic reaction that will cause diarrhea.
Have you been tested for celiac disease?

@catstx I'm coming in late here, but if you have diarrhea after consuming milk products why would you think it is something more than lactose intolerance? I went through that and as with most lactose-intolerant people I was able to eat aged cheeses and some yogurt. For some reason, my lactose intolerance, which was actually triggered by medication, seems to have subsided. I don't eat a lot of heavy milk products like cream and ice cream but I eat goat cheese again and occasionally cream cheese on a bagel. I drink lactose-free milk, Fairlife, which really is good tasting, better than Lactaid milk, and it has more protein and calcium which is important to me because I have osteoporosis. I was tested for celiac and I did not have it which I tried to tell the NP because I have never had a reaction to wheat products.

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