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HELP! Does anyone use a Mac computer? I use a Windows 10. So on my screen when I get an email .. at the bottom it says “View and Reply”. When I hit that it takes me to your post. I read your post. Below your post it says “Reply”. If I hit that .. it then takes me to a space where I can answer you.

OR below “Reply” it has two symbols:
1. a “heart” which if I hit .. you will receive an email that I “liked” your post.
2. a “flag” .. frankly I don’t have a clue what that is for! Never used it .. sorry!

QUESTION: On a Mac computer .. do you see a ..1. a “heart” which if I hit .. you will receive an email that I “liked” your post. per the above??

Not being familiar with the Mac computer I am at a loss for an answer .. please jump in if you know an answer to the question if the “heart” appears like in Windows .. OR if in a different manner! Thanks to all! Katherine

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I use MacBook. Exactly as you describe for Windows. I have been seeing a lot about taking Ethambutol all at once vs. divided doses. I am no expert but, I looked up the biological half life of Ethambutol and found it was 4-5 hours. Which means that in 4 hours the body will have 1/2 the original dose and in another 4 hours that original dose would have been reduced by another 1/2 and so on. So calculations could be made to try to determine the body load in 24 hours of each method. My doctor told me I could take all the big 3 at one time. That helped me not to have to keep my mind on medications all the time. A good routine for me.

@laneyk Elaine, thanks for the info! The person with the MacBook found the heart .. thanks!

You are right on about that med .. my notes say:
Taking 4 antibiotic pills prescribed (such as Ethambutol) at a time. Per both doctor and pharmacist re dividing dosage .. both checked the literature and found no permission to do this. They said a drug needs to hit the bloodstream at full strength. A weak dose may not knock out the bacteria and let it morph into a different bacteria that resists the medicine. Hugs to you! Katherine

Yes, I get the heart for “like” and the flag is for “report.” This means if something is inappropriate or questionable, you click on the flag and Colleen or another moderator will respond to the problem. That’s my understanding. I have Windows as well.

@hopeful33250 .. Teresa, Thank you!! Luckily I have never needed to use the flag with my delightful group! Now I guess I am glad I DIDN’T know about it! Hugs to you! Katherine

You’re absolutely correct, Teresa,
Heart = like: If you click the heart symbol, then the person who posted the message will get an email letting them know that someone liked their post
Flag = report: Clicking this sends us an email that someone has posted an abusive or inappropriate message. Moderators will edit or remove the message and communicate with the poster.
The other symbol is the bookmark. You can bookmark a post or discussion so that you can find it easily later. To see your bookmarks, go to your profile (click your @username)

GREAT explanation, thank you Colleen! Especially the one on: You can bookmark a post or discussion so that you can find it easily later. To see your bookmarks, go to your profile (click you @username)

That could be MOST helpful to people! PLUS now that you have posted this way .. your great hints and help .. I can refer to you by name .. Colleen helped me! Katherine

I created a folder named MAC and save some posts w/good info into it.