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Good morning Don, @dsh33782. Oh my…….I am so sorry for your injury. You are lucky to get your dislocation done in 5 minutes. You also wonder if surgery will be needed. In my case, when I stepped off a platform and fell down the mountain, I had a bit of a rough time with the first two surgeries. My Orthopedic surgeon finally got approval for a reverse shoulder replacement.

Here is the good news…..no pain at all. Here is the not-so-good news…..it is a cranky shoulder sometimes and isn't easily motivated to lift anything. So I am now ambidextrous. The cranky one tires easily so chooses to just hang there. I am 79 and I hope it never happens again just like you. Let me know if you have other questions…….my experiences moved to the left shoulder when I fell down the stairs. That was surgically repaired also. I feel fortunate that I have no pain. I can always find someone to help me do the dishes.

May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm,

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Thanks for feedback. Did you have to wear sling for 3 weeks 24/7? Did you have trouble sleeping and any suggestions? I'm quiting the meds today as the pain has subsided.after 4 days, we am starting to walk some again. I was walking 5 miles a day.