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Jake, thanks for reply. I fell this past Sunday and went directly to ER and they tried to reposition my left arm while I was on morphine drip and awake but they had no luck. Then they put me under and it was wonderful to wake up with it all done in 5 minutes. But now the pain in arm and a day later the pain in ribs. Wed I got in to see Orthropedic specialiist who took more xrays and said no fractures but I need to stay in sling 24/7 for 3 more weeks before reevaluation. I was only getting about 3-4 hours sleep in bed but they suggested I try recliner and I did get a few more hours of sleep last night. I'm 76 and had no idea this could happen and hope it never does again.

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Wonder if these tips might help for sleeping?

Good morning Don, @dsh33782. Oh my…….I am so sorry for your injury. You are lucky to get your dislocation done in 5 minutes. You also wonder if surgery will be needed. In my case, when I stepped off a platform and fell down the mountain, I had a bit of a rough time with the first two surgeries. My Orthopedic surgeon finally got approval for a reverse shoulder replacement.

Here is the good news…..no pain at all. Here is the not-so-good news…..it is a cranky shoulder sometimes and isn't easily motivated to lift anything. So I am now ambidextrous. The cranky one tires easily so chooses to just hang there. I am 79 and I hope it never happens again just like you. Let me know if you have other questions…….my experiences moved to the left shoulder when I fell down the stairs. That was surgically repaired also. I feel fortunate that I have no pain. I can always find someone to help me do the dishes.

May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm,

When a rolled pillow doesn't work, we often resort to foam blocks – we have a variety of shapes & sizes around – from previous immobilizers mostly. The advantage of the foam blocks is that once in a useful, comfortable position, they do no compress or shift, so provide consistent support. If you find pillows won't work for you, ask to be seen by the PT and have them fashion a wedge or two for you.