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Yep, the the 24/7 sling brings back memories.one that I wish I could forget.
I’ve had more dislocations than I can count and wearing a sling was inconvenient but getting my shoulders back in place was agonizing, Primarily because they took so long to get them back in place. I remember my orthopedic doc put his heal under my arm and pushed with his heal while pulling my arm and another man put a cloth around my arm pulled sideways after loading me up with what seemed like every drug known to man.
But I consider myself lucky only having had 3 stabilization surgeries which consisted of bone taken from my hips and put in my shoulders which all soon broke lose from more falls due to seizures with more dislocations. I rarely get dislocations anymore but do get an occasional subluxation (partial dislocation.) Now they want to do bilateral replacement surgery. I’m going to avoid that as long as possible.Shoulder replacement surgeons have told me my pain will be lee some say more others say better range of motion some say less.
I hope you don't experience bone on bone and arthritis but it may be your new reality. I read people under 20 have a redislocation rate of greater than 9️⃣0️⃣% but as you age the dislocation rates decrease.
Although with newer surgical techniques I wouldn't be surprised if that risk has diminished. I hope so.
What was your experience like?
Good luck,

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Jake, thanks for reply. I fell this past Sunday and went directly to ER and they tried to reposition my left arm while I was on morphine drip and awake but they had no luck. Then they put me under and it was wonderful to wake up with it all done in 5 minutes. But now the pain in arm and a day later the pain in ribs. Wed I got in to see Orthropedic specialiist who took more xrays and said no fractures but I need to stay in sling 24/7 for 3 more weeks before reevaluation. I was only getting about 3-4 hours sleep in bed but they suggested I try recliner and I did get a few more hours of sleep last night. I'm 76 and had no idea this could happen and hope it never does again.