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Hope someone can send you the link from Dr Huitt at NJ on how to take meds. She says to take all Ethambutol at the same time to get it into your system each day. Same with Rifampin. I take R in am and E and Z in evening. All on empty stomach for absorption!
Others can weigh in on this.

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These tips are what’s keeping me sane … well perhaps I have gone too far.  So important to understand how best to take meds.  I am hoping to go to Denver for 1/16 first appointment with Dr. Drummond.  I will ask her questions and let everyone know her thinking on all.  I am confident it is the same as Dr. Huitt’s.  Bless all of you for everything that you do to be of such help and comfort to all – especially we newbies.  It is all so frightening and overwhelming.  I am hoping to be able to continue to work even on these meds.  We shall see.  Thanks to you and to all,TerryPS:   For the first time, I look forward to going to my email.  I have two email addresses and both are usually filled with nonsense or work related stuff from my students (love them – but they are needy – then again, so am I).  I am so happy to see the mail that comes from this site.  You are all so caring — it is truly unbelievable and beyond remarkable.  You are my biggest comfort.

You mentioned your students. I wonder how many of us teachers have MAC ?? Irene

HMMM.  I would be interested in knowing that as well.  Very curious.Terry

@128128terry11t, Terry, just a thought .. but some people set up a separate email address for their Mayo Connect. Then when they have time .. the posts are all grouped together. Just a thought for you as a busy person! Hugs! Katherine

@128128terry11t and Irene, @irene5, .. well who knows .. but think of the ANNUAL exposure to brand new bacteria laden beautiful young people!! Hugs! Katherine

You made me smile and even giggle.  Hugs definitely back.  Terry

What a great idea!  I win the clueless award when it comes to computers.  I tell my students that if I could, I would go back to using a quill.  Thanks, Terry