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I was told no .. BUT I always felt that my lungs were weakened by a serious bout with pneumonia in 2003. I was seriously ill for three months .. put on five rounds of antibiotics .. 3 rounds of steroids by my internist. NOT ONCE was my sputum cultured to see which antibiotic was effective against whatever bacteria was affecting me! At that point I was not educated to the point of DEMANDING a culture .. too little to late. I was SO ill! Finally was diagnosed with MAI/MAC in 2007 via a sputum culture.

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Katherine, please excuse me for using this address – I know there is another which I can’t find right now. Could I be taken out of the forum l until a later date? I can’t keep up. I am focusing on getting a French Academic Team ready for a competition in March. I have to watch my diet and energy level closely – I recoup on weekends. I know I will be back in contact as my lungs continue to keep me at less than 80% of my energy level but the alternative seems harder to face if I want to keep working. So I want you to know and all the other contributors to this forum how much their experiences have helped me but now I am unable to keep up with the Thank you all for your understanding. I will be back! Kathryn

@kwilbur, Hello Kathryn, Good luck on your Team in March! Below is how/what I was told to do with your situation .. hope it helps! Do keep us posted and come back WHEN it is right for you .. we will still be here! Hugs to you! Katherine

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Amazing how many drs will treat without a sputem culture. I went 15 yrs
with lung illness before I was given a sputem test!! I didn’t know to ask for
one either. That was before internet,

Em 2014, após uma biopse com lavado brônquico, fui diagnosticada com MAI/MAC e tomei Rifampicina, Azitromicina e Etambutol, por quase 3 anos. A bactéria recidivou, passei a Claritromicina, Etambutol e Rifampicina, por mais 2 anos, melhorei, Agora recidivou novamente azitromicina, Etambutol, Rifampicina e amicacina (EV 3 x na semana). Vamos ver no que dá. Qual é o profissional que verdadeiramente conhece este assunto? Alguem aqui no grupo já se curou? e com o quê?