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Help: Chest pain, high heart rate, exhaustion

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Years of chest pain and no real help

I have been living with chest pain for the last several years. I’ve the last few months it’s gotten worse. Before I continue note that I stopped smoking back in April of last year. My primary dr keeps sending me to different doctors and nobody can give me an answer. First of all, I little under a year ago (like 11 months) my father passed away of a heart attack at the age of 79. About a week later I experienced an anxiety attack. My dr sent me to an cardiologist just to be safe. He ran a nuclear stress test and did an echo stress test and found nothing. Said I was good. Shrilly after my chest started hurting again, my blood pressure kept shooting up to around 150/100. After about 30 mins it would go away but the pain never did. So, I was sent to a gastroenterologist. He did a scope and found a very tiny hiatal hernia, an ulcer, and al sorts of acid. Also believes I’m having esophagus spasms. Ok, so he gave me some pills. The whole summer I was good. No pain at all. Then starting around in December the pain came back. Not too bad. Didn’t last long. I started exercising and stuff too as I am well over weight by like 100 lbs. the pain started getting worse. Last month it got really bad. I’m getting dizzy, feeling bad, stomach and chest pain. Like hard pressure chest pain. Feeling pressure in my eyes and face. Left arm pain and numbness. Blood pressure goes up and down. All of those seems to happen after I eat and lt doesn’t seem to matter what I eat. So, I go back to the gastroenterologist. He does another scope finds that the l er is gone but I still have a lot of acid build up. Basically tells me to lose weight. Currently I’m 6,3 295 lbs. I know I’m over weight but I’m not like super crazy fat. So, I guess my question is, should I get my heart looked at again? I feel miserable 24/7. I have chest pain constantly, I’m dizzy all the time, which I do have sever sinus blockage also. I don’t feel like I can do anything at all. This sucks. I need help and I don’t know what else to do.

I also forgot to add that my primary doctor has increased my blood pressure meds a lot. My feet and ankles then started to swell up. So she changed my meds and the swelling went away.my blood pressure has been really good though in fact lower than normal. It’s been hovering around 114/70- 125/85. Heart rate is around 75 when resting.

I will add one more thing. Yesterday I was sitting in a meeting about an hour after eating two slices of little Cesar pizza and my heart rate shot you randomly. I felt awful and felt like I was about to black out. I got up and started walking and immediately felt better.

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Rogersd – Have you had a CT scan of your lungs? I am a lung cancer patient and many of your symptoms are quite familiar. At one point in my almost 7 year journey, I had horrible chest pain. I was sent to Cardiologist and Gastro dr for extensive test. It turned out to me a tiny cancerous lymph node pressing on my chest & esophagus. Also, are you drinking enough water? Dehydration can cause also cause weird symptoms as well. Just my two cents worth.

@rogersd With everything that you describe, have you thought of getting a second opinion?