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Thank you and @becsbuddy so much for the suggestion! I definitely think that's the next best route to explore. Can I ask – what kind of appointment would you suggest I make for this? Would it be best I just make a general appointment and go from there? I am just not sure where to start, and the one time I did go to a doctor connected with a hospital it was a very dismissive and quick appointment, so I just want to be sure I get in to see the right people! Thank you.

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@tplefka Good morning! First, find a medical center that is connected to a medical school. They usually have the latest information. When you call, give a brief summary of your symptoms, etc. Then go back and complete any Release of Information forms for any doctor you saw. Also, get phone numbers of the medical records offices. @lagrange5 mentioned collecting all your medical records and taking them to the first appointment. I found out the hard way that doctors don’t want paper copies, they only want computer files. They can get these thru the phone numbers you give them. Also, have a list of all doctors you’ve seen: name, address, phone number, speciality.
What kind of doctor? Start with cardiology, if you can get in. Hospital May prefer that you start with internal medicine.
(Maybe I can add more when my fingers get in-numb!). Becky