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Sacroilliac Joint Pain & Fusion

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SI Joint pain after fusion

I’m having pain in my hip area, mostly left side but it has spread across. I was given muscle relaxers, they are hoping it’s a pulled muscle but after two weeks it’s not improved very much. I’m having trouble standing up and sitting. And walking. I have to call the surgeon’s office, but has anyone gone through this after lumbar fusion? It’s been 3 months, I was feeling so much better but this has really upset me, all that I’ve gone through only to have pain lower down. I’m afraid it’s my SI joints; the other doctors I saw before this surgery told me they thought that was causing my pain. And my surgeon told me he couldn’t promise this would be my last surgery. Has anyone dealt with this, and what was your solution? Thank you!

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@ga29 I found this response from @jenniferhunter regarding her friend's situation in a discussion that you might also find helpful if you haven't stumbled across it yet. She may have additional information she can provide to help.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain and My Introduction:
Have you heard about myofascial release therapy? (This was mentioned as a potential way to mitigate pain before considering surgery my members in the discussion above.)

@ga29 I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. You'll notice I moved your question to an existing discussion so you could connect with members like @jmweissler in a central location.

May I ask what next steps are?

Hi. I had open sacropelvic fusion in Oct. 2019. This was my 17 th fusion over 12 surgeries. SI joint pain can come from many sources. Was your surgery Minimally Invasive or Open. Do U have instrumentation? Healing takes a year at least. I still have si joint pain & expect that it will never go away but it is much better than before the surgery.

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