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Hello @tplefka. It’s good idea to go to a teaching or specialty hospital, like @erikas has suggested, particularly because the medical professionals you’ve been seeing can’t seem to get to the bottom of your problem. Even if you have to travel some distance to get there, it’s probably still a good idea so that you don’t keep suffering. Have you ever had any lung or breathing issues? Sometimes asthmatic or other lung conditions can mimic cardiac symptoms. Some of your symptoms may be secondary to a particular primary medical condition. Answers are out there, and you just need to be your own best advocate.

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Thank you and @becsbuddy so much for the suggestion! I definitely think that's the next best route to explore. Can I ask – what kind of appointment would you suggest I make for this? Would it be best I just make a general appointment and go from there? I am just not sure where to start, and the one time I did go to a doctor connected with a hospital it was a very dismissive and quick appointment, so I just want to be sure I get in to see the right people! Thank you.

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