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How to choose treatment for prostate cancer?

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I was diagnosed three years ago. I chose removal since my enlarged prostate was causing me to urinate every hour or two plus we thought it was confined to prostate. After surgery we found out it had jumped to the lymph nodes. I then started hormone treatments with three month injections of Lupron. I had 44 intensive modified photon radiation treatments. I took the Lupron injections for two years. I am weak and tired, my muscles have left me, I have no libido. The worst part is that each treatment shortened my penis and shrank my testicles. My tumor markers are the PSA and testosterone levels. Both are at next to zero. So is my energy level. Cancer is gross, embarrassing, and creates humorous moments if you look for it. Stay as strong as you can, laugh as much as possible, and enjoy wearing depends for rest of your life. I still pee every hour or so.

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In reply to Irishpat. There is a lot of information in the above replies to your question and even more to sort out than you had when you initially requested help. I think the theme is that the decision is based on having solid information from reliable sources. The reliable sources are those who specialize in the type /severity/spread of the cancer you are currently dealing with and the efficacy of successful treatment approaches tha can be used. I'm a prostate patient who had my Prostate removed 10 years ago but there was some residual cancer left behind. Today, I'm now 79, I am still being treated and seemingly being managed well with only slight side effects and my health is very good, but of course there are some side effects. My oncologist, however, says I will never be cancer free. More info and treatments are available today and I might go different route today but that is behind me. My short answer to your husband's quandary is do your best to find that reliable source who has current information in dealing with your husbands symptoms and turn to them for help. There are some top cancer clinics in our country. You can find listings of those who have been identified as the best. Get an appointment with one of them and you'll be put on the proper treatment path. Mayo, MD Anderson, Cleveland and Sloan Kettering are some of the best. You have time but start the process now. I, by the way, did not use any of the above.