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Oral lichen Planus

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Good morning Maryz,
I am about 6 months into treatment for OLP and vag lp. You have so much experience I wanted to ask you about symptoms. I am doing clobetazol 4x week and a liquid concoction of an anti-rejection medication. Some days my gums look "fine" and then they're flaming. I have had episodes of thrush. I am really frustrated. Before my diagnosis with biopsy, I had no lesions, no burning tongue-my dentist just seemed concerned that my gums were so red. He suspected lp and sent me to a specialist and my world turned upside down. Did you go through any allergy testing? I have some metal fillings-the specialist said, no that's not the cause, but I am considering having those replaced just in case it might make a difference. I am not satisfied treating the symptoms-I would like to know the cause and address that. what are your thoughts?

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Good morning @microgirl I really do understand your wish to find the cause of the OLP. I would, too! OLP is an autoimmune disease which happens when your immune system gets out of whack. I, too, was shocked when my immune system went crazy and caused lesions on my brain. My research explained that most AD are genetic, but more research needs to be done. I attached a link to the Mayo Clinic site that will provide more information.