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Ascending Aortic Aneurysm and Exercise

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Hello @upartist,

I appreciate your post and your interest in continuing to exercise with your cardiac diagnoses. If you haven't discussed these questions with your cardiologist, I would do so right away.

Also, have you considered asking your cardiologist about cardiac rehab? I know that this type of rehab is usually offered after a heart attack or heart surgery, but perhaps a physical therapist could offer you some suggestions on the best exercise program for your heart problems.

Do you generally exercise alone or with others? This is probably an important consideration. While I like to be outdoors when the weather is good, I will often just walk in the nearby neighborhood, with my cell phone nearby, just in case I have any problems.

I also have a membership with my local Y and use their treadmills or exercise bikes in the case of inclement weather.

I look forward to hearing from you again as you develop a plan for your exercise routine.

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Hi Teresa. Thank you for your long standing mentoring. I have had issues before, unrelated issues, for which you and your group has assisted me with. These recent things are new to me and unexpected. The adrenal management is tough, and has occurred on top of the accumulating cardiac things. Then there was a foot surgery tossed into the mix last summer, which is recovering well. As for the exercise, I always carry my cell phone, and have figured out where not to go. I have a partner 90% of the time, and pick my trails accordingly. I have backed off on my intensity and duration, following some uncomfortable events. Our gyms have been closed, so weights have been let go. Our pool has been closed as well. The upper body resistance parameters and the fatigue management with the cortisol dosing are a challenge. I am not sure if it is the adrenal fatigue or cardiac fatigue. So maybe a very informed physical therapist might be able to assist me. I was hoping for suggestions on what questions to ask my cardiologist and my endocrinologist. I also have looked at the NADF (American site) and Bart’s Endocrinology out of the UK for information. However information about the combination of cardiac concerns along with the endocrine seems to be unavailable. I have great Docs at Mayo, but I don’t want to pester them unless I have a legitimate question. They always get back to me! They are very very supportive. Do you have suggestions? Thank you Teresa!

Hello Teresa (Mentor)! I just read this old post from myself and then your response to it. Your response was the best advice I have ever had. I changed my patterns as a result. Fast forward a few years and through extraordinarily stressful events in my life, and unrelated to my aneurysm.... I have actually been able to reign things in. I was unable to exercise all together at times due to chest pain. I have had the cardiac issues dissected through by my cardiologist at Mayo, following tests to clarify what is going on. (Too multifaceted to share online). I always go back to your specific suggestions on how and where to arrange my daily exercise. By doing so, even my rough days become effective. The value of "staying Active" at any level, can only be understated. As I age, activity brings me happiness! Each year my body changes, and I must adapt. I have talented, kind, and engaged physicians providing guidance going forward. I am thankful for them, and for you mentors doing your thing out of the Mayo system for real people like me. 🌸