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Thank You Sue, I’ve reached out to a top orthopedic doc & I just had another round of scans, I’ll follow up with him next Wednesday, so hopefully we can get this resolved once & for all. I did have a very noticeable limp but with my physical therapist assistance over an 7 month time period I can say my limp is gone completely & I only need my cane when I’m walking a lot & my leg gets tired. My bloodwork test levels are hovering around the same #’s as when we found the first of two infections. But I’m trying to stay positive that there’s no infections & that maybe it’s just the muscle, tendons & ligaments causing the pain & nothing more.

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Who did you go to see for your doctor that helped you & where is he/ you located? Doctor’s name/group & location. I’m 3 years post op. I was doing great & had a complete foot/ankle reconstruction 2 years ago this November 5, 2021. All went well, but I took a horrific fall & my left hip & foot have never been the same. My left hip is now slowly bulging more & more. Extremely painful. I need to desperately lose wo, but the hip & foot pain make it almost unbearable. Being older does not help. I need to go back yo my orthopedic doctor, but what I have read about revisions ~ I am quite concerned.
Thank you for sharing your experiences & to everyone else, too!