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First, welcome to Mayo Connect – a community of people living with a wide variety of conditions, who share our experiences and try to help one another along the way.

I am sorry to hear that your hip replacement journey has been a difficult one. It is unfortunately not all that rare to suffer one or more complications – my own situation finally involved 5 surgeries for replacements and revisions, but I am happy to tell you that I have now been nearly problem free for going on 10 years.

Two suggestions for dealing with your current situation are
Locate a surgeon who deals with complex revisions. This is best done by contacting a large orthopedic practice or a teaching hospital for recommendations. If it is feasible, you may wish to contact one of the 3 Mayo facilities.
Locate a Physical therapist who has experience with revisions that include torn muscles, ligaments and tendons. These require special care and extra recovery time. My friend had to have a special girdle-like brace made to support her hip and torso during healing, which she was gradually weaned from wearing after many months. She also had over a year of PT with many progressive steps, and still does exercises every day. She is now able to walk long distances using a walker or cane (depending on terrain) with little or no pain.

This is not going to be easy – but you need to be persistent to get the help you need, and then to heal your body.
Good luck, and please let us know how you are doing.

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Thank You Sue, I’ve reached out to a top orthopedic doc & I just had another round of scans, I’ll follow up with him next Wednesday, so hopefully we can get this resolved once & for all. I did have a very noticeable limp but with my physical therapist assistance over an 7 month time period I can say my limp is gone completely & I only need my cane when I’m walking a lot & my leg gets tired. My bloodwork test levels are hovering around the same #’s as when we found the first of two infections. But I’m trying to stay positive that there’s no infections & that maybe it’s just the muscle, tendons & ligaments causing the pain & nothing more.