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I’ve had 3 surgeries now on my left hip, 1st one was the original thr (anterior) I had a low grade fever start within 6 hours of surgery & I started having extreme ripping sensation in my groin. I went to a new surgeon 8 months later & after numerous tests it was a diagnosis of staph infection & P-acne infection in my hip, I recvd both infections during the original surgery. Had everything taken out, iv therapy, no hip or femur for 19 wks then more tests then a new replacement surgery. I’m still suffering from the ripping sensation in my groin, I now have oozing from the posterior incision (not often now) & excruciating pain down my leg from my pelvis to my knee. I’ve been told by my dr regarding the latest mri that I still have a muscle that’s torn, tendons & ligaments are shredded but no one will repair any of it, dr’s keep blaming on loose hardware which from the latest ct scan there’s no infection or hardware issues! I’m at a lose now as to what any dr will do to help me with the pain!

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First, welcome to Mayo Connect – a community of people living with a wide variety of conditions, who share our experiences and try to help one another along the way.

I am sorry to hear that your hip replacement journey has been a difficult one. It is unfortunately not all that rare to suffer one or more complications – my own situation finally involved 5 surgeries for replacements and revisions, but I am happy to tell you that I have now been nearly problem free for going on 10 years.

Two suggestions for dealing with your current situation are
Locate a surgeon who deals with complex revisions. This is best done by contacting a large orthopedic practice or a teaching hospital for recommendations. If it is feasible, you may wish to contact one of the 3 Mayo facilities.
Locate a Physical therapist who has experience with revisions that include torn muscles, ligaments and tendons. These require special care and extra recovery time. My friend had to have a special girdle-like brace made to support her hip and torso during healing, which she was gradually weaned from wearing after many months. She also had over a year of PT with many progressive steps, and still does exercises every day. She is now able to walk long distances using a walker or cane (depending on terrain) with little or no pain.

This is not going to be easy – but you need to be persistent to get the help you need, and then to heal your body.
Good luck, and please let us know how you are doing.

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