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Ascending Aortic Aneurysm and Exercise

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I have questions about activities with ascending aortic aneurysm (42cm). I am a 5 ft 3 female , 64 yr old. I got hit with a whole lot of cardiac/endocrine stuff a year and a half ago and lack guidance in exercise parameters. I take amlodipine, but already ran a low blood pressure. I also have newly diagnosed adrenal insufficiency, which complicates things. My meds are all timed and tricky. I am an exerciser and always have been. I get chest pain with both excursion and rest, and am followed by cardiology for this. (Prinzmetal angina) I carry and wear nitro meds so I can get out and move. My aneurysm was diagnosed with a last minute echo getting ready for a cardiac cath with the ACTH challenge. It showed the significant enlargement, and the cath was positive for endothelial induced cardiac spasm. And then Covid hit. So things have been difficult to rein in from a distance. I am working hard to identify my limits so I can keep my sanity. Do you have guidelines and/or resources I could access? I want to be safe on the trails and in the kayak. Thank you for any help!

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Hello @upartist,

I appreciate your post and your interest in continuing to exercise with your cardiac diagnoses. If you haven't discussed these questions with your cardiologist, I would do so right away.

Also, have you considered asking your cardiologist about cardiac rehab? I know that this type of rehab is usually offered after a heart attack or heart surgery, but perhaps a physical therapist could offer you some suggestions on the best exercise program for your heart problems.

Do you generally exercise alone or with others? This is probably an important consideration. While I like to be outdoors when the weather is good, I will often just walk in the nearby neighborhood, with my cell phone nearby, just in case I have any problems.

I also have a membership with my local Y and use their treadmills or exercise bikes in the case of inclement weather.

I look forward to hearing from you again as you develop a plan for your exercise routine.