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Orthopaedic Laser Post Shoulder Replacement

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Good evening @martydav, Thanks for responding. I can honestly say I have no pain in the right shoulder now. I had lots of pain as we were going through the surgeries. First, it may be important to know that I fell down a mountain. My shoulder was dislocated and my elbow was broken in three places. 1st surgery was an attempt at a rotator cuff repair. My surgeon said it was the Grand Canyon of holes and he dd not think it would work. Well, it didn't and so he tried a cadaver graft. That didn't work either. Eventually, I had a reverse shoulder replacement. That actually was the least painful. It healed well and I did all the strength-building for my deltoid since I no longer had any rotator cuff.

Wouldn't you know that within a year or so I fell down the stairs and tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. My surgeon has successfully repaired it and so far so good.

You also asked about burning. I have a hard time knowing just what "burning means". I am sure I had a lot of it and very glad I have none now. My go-to relief was ice and more ice. Are you using an ice machine on your shoulder?

You mentioned a tight band feeling around your shoulder. Do you mean like a rubber band around your shoulder with your arm against your chest. Or is it a band around your shoulder while it is in an immobilizer?

Really want to see how I can help. Have you tried a medical cannabis topical? That also helps. Tell me when it starts and what you are using to control the pain. Let's see what we can do for you.

May you be free of inner and outer harm.

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I had my surgery Jan 12th . I have had 14 weeks of therapy.
No slings or immobilizers now.
I have used CBD cream.