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Blood clot following pacemaker insertion?

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Hi @meko, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Did you have something to add to the conversation? Have you been diagnosed with a blood clot after getting a pacemaker?

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I asked this question some time ago and don’t recall if anyone replied. I had a pacemaker inserted in December 2011 without any apparent difficulties. However, I got swelling and other signs of a blood clot in my left arm in early 2013 (over a year later).

After an ultrasound, I found out that it was related to the pacemaker leads in my subclavian vein and that the clot had built up very slowly and moved, resulting in the swelling in my arm – so the clot was not in my arm but manifested in swelling there. I was on warfarin for 6 months to break down the clot and I have been on ASA81 mg since then. My apologies if I’ve mixed some of this up but it was years ago and I’ve moved and not in contact with those medical professionals anymore.

I was recently referred to a hematologist after an unrelated medical procedure last fall. He was not familiar with a blood clot like this but thought it was unusual that I was still on ASA after one blood clot so many years ago. He referred me back to an electrophysiologist who I am seeing about this next week.

I always like to be prepared for medical appointments so have asked others on this form to share their experience. I have read that most blood clots occur soon after pacemaker insertion so I’d like to hear if anyone had this kind of blood clot and what the outcome/treatment was.

Thanks in advance.