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Heel pain after COVID-19 vaccine

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I had the maderna vaccine on 1-23-2021, three days later I couldn't get out of bed because of severe joint and muscle pain. All joints except my ankles. Episodes would come and go. I had second vaccine 2-20-2021 and around the middle of March the pain is still persistent and sometimes extreme and does not seem to be getting any better. Has anyone HAVE any advice?

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I would say that after 6 weeks, you need to contact your doc to figure out what is going on. This is not a normal situation - my family members who had high response were each better after about a week. Even after a serious immune response to the vaccine, you should be feeling better by now so you should be screened other problems.

@franksimmons- Good morning. I had Moderna and the second dose is a doozy. But after this much time, you should be over your side effects. I shudder to ask this and I know that this sounds off the wall but have you been tested for COVID-19 since that time? It is a possibility that you have become infected with one of its variants. I agree with bothe Sue and Amanda. You need to have some help here. Does this make sense?

Had the Moderna booster on 12/23. Can barely tolerate the burning/aching pain in both my ankles and heals...almost intolerable to walk. No injury or previous problems with my feet!

Same thing happened to me since November 21 and it’s still here