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Mold Toxicity

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@chronicpaingirl15 – If it were me, I would need to know the source of the mold toxicity and fix the problem at the source first. So it it was my living environment (house, etc..), I would want to have it examined or tested by an expert to determine if it's something that can be fixed or if I may need to move. The money up front seems to be another red flag if it were me making the decision.

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I’m waiting on results from having both my mom’s and my house tested on Tuesday afternoon. My mom came home from rehab yesterday and this is the best cognitively she’s been in quite some time and I’m not sure if it’s from the spinal tap they did and drained 33cc of fluid, or being out of her house for two weeks or a combination of the two.
I should have the results back today or tomorrow morning at the very latest.

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