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Dear @merpreb
You always give such useful information! Will check out all the information–thank-you.
I have no idea if this Covid is the variant. It does not state on the "My Chart" test results what type it is.
All I do know is that when this all started, some did not take it very seriously, and one of those someones, was me!
It is scary to think what may come next. The one thing I do not understand is this: Why not put trach-tubes (temporary) into people instead of intubating them into unconsciousness? It seems to me the person would have a much better chance at survival. When I asked the ENT that question, he told me it takes too long…I can see in an emergency, needing to immediately get air down into the lungs, but why not then place a trach-tube? There has to be a reasonable explanation. Thank-you, for your answer!

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@thomason– Not being a medical professional I can't answer your question about trachs vs intubations. I think that each medical facility has its own guidelines for this. It's an excellent question and I know that it also depends on how long you are expected to need breathing assistance. The answer from the dr. who answered you sounds about right too, unfortunately. If anything in the future creeps up on you again, maybe ask first before there's an attempt made for you that you don't want done?

Good morning @thomason You have really been through the wringer, haven’t you. Sounds like, with your help, the doctors took good care of you. Thank heavens you could tell us all about it!
As for trach tubes vrs, intubation with sedation; trach tubes are used for long-term problems mostly and can lead to infections when put in since the skin has to be cut into. Sedation along with intubation is necessary for several reasons. One, the tube is uncomfortable and, two, sedation provided needed rest for the entire body so it can heal. When one is sick, they tend to move around a lot and this is more work for the body. Third, the ventilator provides a sterile source of oxygen
I hope this helps some. And I hope you get, better soon!

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