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@thomason– Good morning. I am so sorry that are still going through all of these challenges and conflicting doctor's opinions. If only the world of doctors gave us more consistent results from tests and scans and blood work. I am relieved that you are home and quarantined for just a few more days. As if you wanted more, right? lol

I'd also like to thank you for sharing your newfound relief from phlegm. I caution everyone if they chose to use an instrument that suctions out anything from your throat and beyond, despite a video with instructions. You could cause damage if you don't use it properly, and of course to check with your doctor.

The world of COVID-19 and its variants is ever-changing. Here is some new information that you might be interested in about COVID-19 variants.

I did some more research to see how this might have happened to you and it looks like COVID-19 variants can neutralize antibodies that you once had against COVID-19 (the original). Of course, this depends on whether you have a variant

"The findings, from laboratory-based experiments and published March 4 in Nature Medicine, suggest that COVID-19 drugs and vaccines developed thus far may become less effective as the new variants become dominant, as experts say they inevitably will. The researchers looked at variants from South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Brazil."

"There's wide variation in how much antibody a person produces in response to vaccination or natural infection. Some people produce very high levels, and they would still likely be protected against the new, worrisome variants. But some people, especially older and immunocompromised people, may not make such high levels of antibodies. If the level of antibody needed for protection goes up tenfold, as our data indicate it does, they may not have enough. The concern is that the people who need protection the most are the ones least likely to have it." https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2021-03/wuso-nec030421.php

I encourage you when you next speak to your doctor to find out if you tested positive for one of the variants. You can use this to see what is in your state: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#variant-proportions
Do you know if you have a variant or the original COVID-19?

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Dear @merpreb
You always give such useful information! Will check out all the information–thank-you.
I have no idea if this Covid is the variant. It does not state on the "My Chart" test results what type it is.
All I do know is that when this all started, some did not take it very seriously, and one of those someones, was me!
It is scary to think what may come next. The one thing I do not understand is this: Why not put trach-tubes (temporary) into people instead of intubating them into unconsciousness? It seems to me the person would have a much better chance at survival. When I asked the ENT that question, he told me it takes too long…I can see in an emergency, needing to immediately get air down into the lungs, but why not then place a trach-tube? There has to be a reasonable explanation. Thank-you, for your answer!

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