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Mold Toxicity

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Hello @chronicpaingirl15, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. From what I've read, testing for mycotoxins in humans is a simple and usually noninvasive procedure. In most cases, only a urine sample is required. I'm wondering if this is the test you were given at Mayo Clinic. I'm not familiar with Mycotoxin testing but there is some information on the Mycotoxin tests National Institutes of Health website here:

Mycotoxin Detection in Human Samples from Patients Exposed to Environmental Molds

Mayo Clinic also has some information on mold allergy diagnosis and treatment that may be helpful

Also found some information from the on urine testing validity that may provide some information for you.

Notes from the Field: Use of Unvalidated Urine Mycotoxin Tests for the Clinical Diagnosis of Illness — United States, 2014 — https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6406a7.htm

Have you discussed if the doctor has any recommendations to help with your symptoms?

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@johnbishop yes I’ve taken the urine test and it’s come back positive.
Besides myself, my mother is currently in the hospital and they won’t test her for anything I’ve begged and have tried to see if there is a blood test to ask for specifically to test her. Or how to ask to see if either of us have the HLA-DR gene. Both of our recent urine scans at the hospital had our leukocytes Estrace at 500.
All of her doctors, most of mine, and my husband all think I’m crazy about the mold.
My new psychiatrist and her team have put me on charcoal and Flagyl and I’m meeting with them on Friday to go over some other things that were screened for that is wrong with me.
My mother is being released from the hospital tomorrow and she supposedly has early onset dementia but I’m certain we both have mycotoxins have caused our pain and issues for possible decades. My mother has rapidly gone down hill in the past 3 years and is doing much better the last two weeks at the hospital.
I just find all of this mycotoxins interesting when I talked to the Mayo Clinic this morning and they said they don’t treat anyone for mold. I just want the BEST course of action to take, confirm for both my mom and I and to see if what is happening in my head isn’t going to last forever. I can hardly think straight and my head feels fried all day long.

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