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Hello Spoonies! Well, I used up all my spoons too early today, and the day wasn’t even half over! I walked the dog and we did Meals on Wheels. Then I decided that I could go to the grocery all by myself. I even planned to let the employees bag the groceries for me (by leaving my own bags at home). Well, the store was short staffed and I had to bag my own groceries! I almost called my husband to come and rescue me. I didn’t but when I got home, he told me to take a nap while he put away the groceries and made dinner. Think I learned my lesson!
Have you ever had a day where you used up your spoons?

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@becsbuddy Gosh, you're playing my tune! When I head out, I make sure there is lots of water and a healthy snack or two with me. I have gotten over the embarrassment of having to kick back and take a nap in the car before continuing. Bless their hearts, a couple of times police have stopped to see if I was okay, but fully understand I am not feeling well, and getting enough energy to drive home!

Tomorrow I have to be at a procedure at 7am, an hour away from here. While I have a list of things I want to do while in that town, nothing is a requirement, the only gotta-be-there is the procedure. I have found that to be safe on the roads, having enough spoons in my cache is critical!

Are you feeling better today!

@becsbuddy On the way to my procedure yesterday, I had to drink 40 oz of water. A short procedure, but I had had nothing to eat for over 12 hrs. Stopped at a fast food place to get quick something into my system, sat in car with my coffee from home, rested. On to first store, got most everything I needed, went back to car, rested and drove home. Spoons available to me had all been used up.

Today we are supposed to go on to BLM land and harvest firewood, but I have elected to stay home. Neighbors are going too, so I know my husband will not be alone. If they weren't also going, I would have to go.

Adorable story.... Hubby-to-the rescue!!! Thank God for these helpers we have, right?!! My hub gets me through the day, and also has the patience of a Saint.