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Gotta LOVE Telecoils! Thank you for sharing. Do you use a neckloop and telecoils with your computer?

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Yes, I sure do. I have Oticon hearing aids but I plug my computer into a Phonak Roger Select mic which connects wirelessly to my Roger MyLink neck loop which uses Induction loop to connect to my hearing aids in t-coil mode. That produces the best sound my computer is capable if delivering to my ears. I've used it a lot lately with all the Zoom meetings. Besides the good audio I can also get up and walk away from the computer to fill my coffee cup and still hear the audio.

I have two t-coil modes. One activates the t-coils only and the other activates the t-coils and the hearing aid microphones. I use both modes. I use the t-coil only in our hearing loop equipped church so I hear the service but not the coughing and sneezing noises other people make. Afterward I switch to the t-coil + mic and I can then talk to the people around me and hear the

Lastly I have a portable loop driver (LA90) which when connected to a "source" (mic, computer, TV, Stereo) will deliver sound via induction loop directly to my hearing aids. It is designed to be used as a counter top device for use across a service counter. But when oonnected to an omnidirectional mic it can be used at a small meeting. Another feature most folks don't know about is that it can be used in two directions so that hearing aid users on both sides of the counter can use the loop system. That does however require an additional external microphone to be on the front side of the counter.

I believe that every audiology office should have on of the portable loop drivers at their check in counter. The trouble is that most audiology offices don't agree with me. It would improve communications at the check in and could be used to teach patients how to use the loop. So next time you're at the audiology clinic – ask for one!!!!!