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I agree completely with @arrowshooter that every audiologist's office should be equipped with telecoil AND that when ordering new hearing aids, telecoils should be explained, demonstrated and encouraged. Even if there are few loops in one's home town, many airports are now looped, of course many churches are looped, and if one travels throughout Europe EVERYTHING is looped…even the taxis in London. For those of us who cannot hear well, loops and telecoils are like having gas for your car. You may have a gas tank, but if it's empty you won't go anywhere. Hearing aids are a necessity, but without telecoil, we are limited. I use a Williams Sound PLA-90 every single day. It is plugged into my computer so that all computer audio goes through my telecoil enabled hearing aids. I use it when my book group meets, since we have a couple of soft-talkers. I use it when we entertain – for cocktail parties with another couple, or visitors. It allows me to participate in conversations that I would otherwise miss. I don't understand why audiologists don't make a bigger deal out of it. It would give them happier customers for sure. In Eugene, Oregon, we are working hard to increase awareness of the benefits of loops, which has resulted, among other things, in our airport now having 24 looped ticket counters, with future potential for looping the gate areas. Our library is working on a grant to loop information desks and meetings rooms. Looping is now a topic of conversation that wasn't happening before because of our advocacy. The wonderful thing about loops (as opposed to Bluetooth) is that they can be small and portable, or as large as a massive concert hall. I'm obviously a zealot, but that's because once you hear sound through a loop, you realize that even with a severe hearing loss,it is possible to hear clearly. Who wouldn't want that?