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Hello - I too have idiopathic SFN with pressure and tightness around the chest and rib area. I have experienced this intermittently throughout the day for years. Whenever I have mentioned this to my neurologist in the past, he has explained that SFN can affect any part of the anatomy. I have accepted this explanation and I deal with it the best I can. I find anti-inflammatories work the best but only take them when I absolutely need them. If you receive any other advice, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it.

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tappanzee, I will definitely report back after I speak with my neurologist (I am not optimistic on a solution but will report back regardless). I am on 300mg gabapentin at night but I don't think this helps the chest pressure. This symptom bothers me the most. The only time I feel better is when walking outside / moderate exercise. But comes back soon thereafter. You say you take anti-inflammatories, do you mean Advil or something stronger? Does it work effectively?

So I am 68 and newly diagnosed with SFN by a telemedicine appt. I recently had with a neurologist. I am in the process of scheduling to have blood work done, and he wants to do an EMG test but after I read it does not diagnose SFN and can be very painful, I have decided against it. Apparently the many symptoms I have had for the last 15 years and longer are" classic SFN," but I either attributed them to other causes (e.g. degenerative disc disease) or I ignored them because I started to feel like a hypochondriac. After getting COVID this last January and ending up in the hospital briefly where I was diagnosed with heart valve issues I was completely unaware of, as well as developing symptoms that have not gone away, in particular, a horrific sensation of pressure on my chest and feeling like I breathe too shallow, as well as intermittent low oxygen levels (in the upper 80's) that wax and wane, all of which my cardiologist and pulmonologist told me were not related to my heart and lungs (HUH???), I decided to consult a neurologist and I am slowly piecing together that I have most likely been dealing with SFN for decades. I also believe both my mother and brother were as well but went undiagnosed. My question to you and others is, have you ever experienced low oxygen levels? It is very scary and worrisome, especially when my cardiologist and pulmonologist seem fine with it. I am looking forward to more testing and meetings with my neurologist.