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I am 91 years old and without my smart watch and phone my to do list would not exist. I can’t read my writing to begin with but it takes me a minute to write a couple of words after a ten minute search for my Calendar. My watch is always on my wrist yes even at night when I remember many things to do. It takes me 20 seconds to say to my watch “reminder 9 am call the Doctor. At 9 am it buzzes me and shows the note. I can then tell it to call the Doctor and it does. There is no limit to the items you can add and included or how distant you want to date items. And unlike me it has perfect memory? I am already somewhat handicapped without my smart watch and phone I would need a full time physical assistant. Incidentally, I dictated this message into my iPad and electronically copied it into your space. We seniors need all the electronic help we can get. Do you know if I fall and become unconscious my watch will dial 911 and tell them where I am? It will also tell me my heart rate, blood oxygen level and take and take a ECG. OH, yes it keeps perfect time. Many many useful things.

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Wow! Impressive!

I am impressed! Where do you learn to use all that technology? Thanks, Sandy

Thanks for sharing this information. I use my phone and laptop which sync. I've been thinking about getting a smart watch. I have a feeling you've vetted or researched the best one for those of us with MCI. Which one do you recommend?

You are an inspiration! Such shared wisdom to use every tool available to improve life. Technologies as you mention indeed are helpful to living a full life. Like you, I could not live with my Fitbit, laptops, iphone. I going to switch to a different smart watch as a gift on my next birthday:). Change is essential to keep up. As my handwriting has changed, (I call it my shaky paw), using speech to text is a gift we are lucky to use. I wish and hope that individuals with progressive hearing loss would use it more. Thanks for sharing your story.