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Haha! I would say you took it like a WO-man! It is interesting. My donor was female….hmmm….

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HA! Yes, a Wo-man! A much better way to state that!! 😂 And if you get technical I guess I AM a Wo-man!! My chimerism shows I have XY chromosomes of a man. Not female XX.

Joking aside, I wished I’d asked my transplant doctor Tuesday when I had an appointment with him if it would have any bearing on the vaccine reaction. It’s probably too vague to even know that. Weird stuff!
Do you find you have odd questions like that too? Like what are the significant differences when there’s an opposite sex stem cell transplant? I understand the difference between male and female responses to the covid vaccine. Apparently women have a stronger immune system and it can be hormone driven. But if I have a male’s immune system, would I have the reaction of a male?
From information I’ve gathered I also know that doctors try to avoid giving a male a female donor if she’s had a child and especially if she’s had more than one. There’s so much science behind all of this!

An odd thing I’ve found is that I heal incredibly quickly! Whether it’s a burn on the hand, a scratch or abrasion, it’s gone within a day or two!
Do you have any unusual stories?