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Migraines + Auras + Visual Disturbances

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@saito720 – I'm joining the conversation – one of my daughters suffers from frequent/daily migraines and at times with different auras. I also had migraines when I was young like you. Your auras and other symptoms sound overwhelming. Pineal cysts seem to be a frequent incidental finding, that usually just have to be observed for changes.
Nowadays, migraines are diagnosed in children more frequently. Even though you had tests and were diagnosed some years ago, I think you should see a Neurologist for a new evaluation since you are an adult now.
We don't have the expertise to give a medical opinion on what you are going through, but many of us have gone through similar episodes that you are experiencing now.
The number one advice is to get a current evaluation. Our bodies – and brains- change as we develop into adulthood.
Also, there are so many ways to treat migraines nowadays.
Please get back to us when you have made contact with a Neurologist!

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Thank you very much for your reply, I do plan on seeing a neurologist here soon.

I'll make sure to update when possible.

I was able to get in and get an MRI done. The results recently came back and as expected the cyst was observed and measured to be 10mm in size, though it appears to be stable and as such no further action was advised.

I recently came to the conclusion of why I am experiencing these visual disturbances again, and it likely has no neurological origin. Instead, I likely damaged my eyes from some welding a did a couple months back. If curious, the damage isn't extensive and a recent OCT scan of my eyes show them to still be in good health. But nevertheless it does seem that some minor damage has been done (likely to my macula) and as such I'm experiencing some visual disturbances.

Whether or not my eyes can further heal, I don't know, but one can hope.

Cheers, Nate.