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Such a tough decision, @suz22. And I can understand your hesitancy if you do not have complete confidence in your care team. Have you considered getting a second opinion at Mayo Clinic? Here's more information about appointments at Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

In the meantime, you want to connect with others who know first hand about feeding tubes, trachs and laryngectomies, so I'm tagging
@jeffk @jbhart38731 @msherfinski @phinken @jano @alpaca @loli @gaybinator @deborahe to name a few – some of whom have had their cancer care at Mayo Clinic. You can read more here:

– Complete laryngectomy https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/complete-laryngectomy/
– Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/laryngeal-cancer-recurrence/

Suz, when do you have to make your decision?

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Hi Colleen,
Thx for responding. Thier is no time limit for a decision to get larengectomy. Totally up to me, and can get it when I ask. But really don't think I will change my mind. The fear overcomes me.
And I appreciate you reaching out to other members. Alot of my friends tell me I'm a very strong woman. I don't think so. But not to be able to eat, drink, or speak is very depressing. Plus, I have absolutely NO family support or compassion. But do have 1 cousin, and my b/f. Otherwise probably would of given up long time ago. Also have a few close friends that kerp in touch with me.
Thx again for answering!

God bless,