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DRG (Dorsal root ganglion)

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Aug 2, 2021 | Replies (16)

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@martyk I had the DRG due to extreme pain in the balls of my my feet and toes; constant throbbing, stabbing, burning. My trial lasted for 9 days. Only did days 6-9 seem to bring my pain down by about 50%. The first days of the trial, I had no relief. In retrospect, this was probably not consistent enough to have the DRG surgery, but I did. My pain doctor thought perhaps that my torso burning was that the neuropathy spread. I was devastated, as that much burning was excruciating. I accidentally discovered Benfotiamine, and I would say that with 2 days, I was free of burning and pain for most of the day. When I do have pain, it is mild, and brief. I would imagine I had low thiamine, as the Benfotiamine worked magically for me. I take 600 mg. a day. It has changed my life. LoriRenee1

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Thank you LoriRenne. I'm scheduled for the DRG trial on April. I started taking Benfotiamine 7 days ago. But was taking only 100 mg twice a day. I will increase that to your recommended dose of 600mg daily. Marty