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@sallysunshine, when I had my workup at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, I was there for 4 days. I believe I had some "e-consults", an entire medical team reviewed my case. I'm very happy that a team of doctors reviewed my case, and that I didn't necessarily have a one-on-one with every doctor. I don't remember what these consults were called exactly, but I had one or two. I had this experience, been seen by Neurology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, and an Internist

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The two e-consults regarding my care made conclusions that were flat out wrong. It may be that they were not familiar with the kinds of medical issues I have. No attempt was made to get medical information about me. They both simply ruled out medical issues that everyone already knows I don't have, and they ignored the abnormalities that are associated with the medical issues I do have, and then wrote reports declaring me to have no issues. Absurd and sloppy. It is not helpful for my medical chart to be filled with garbage coming from M.D.'s at Mayo. It just creates chaos and confusion. I have an excellent cardiologist at the U of MN, and I now have an excellent neurologist at a physician owned clinic in the Twin Cities. It is not possible for good medical care to occur without an examination, a conversation, a medical history, and a focus on the medical issues of concern. It is fine for you to feel confident in the quality of your medical care, but since I received poor quality medical care, I'm not satisfied. Not every human being has the same circumstances and experiences, and sometimes it is not helpful to project one's own attitudes and experiences onto another person and then effectively tell them they should feel the same way you do.