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When I said e-consult, I did not mean virtual or phone visit. I've had Mayo doctors who never talked to me and who wrote diagnostic reports about me based upon a single test, without even bothering to request pertinent medical records or to inquire about my medical history. Very, very sloppy medicine. I'm not sure why Mayo is doing this with some patients. It is exceedingly low quality medical care.

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@sallysunshine, thank you for explaining. You're referring to eConsults that facilitate communication between providers on behalf of the patient. They work like this. Your doctor documents question(s) about your particular situation and orders the eConsult to consult with a specialist. The Mayo specialists review the information and provide an opinion. Then you and your doctor review the specialist's opinion and decide next steps.

It sounds like the eConsult approach was not satisfactory for you and that you would prefer to meet face-to-face with the specialists rather than through your doctor. And you also feel like the specialists were not getting the full picture of you. That's not a good feeling.

As you can see from @Erinmfs' message, eConsults worked well for her. But they are not right for everyone or in every situation.

Mayo Clinic wants you to feel confident in the care you receive. Please refer to my earlier message and either send your follow-up question through the patient portal and/or request an in-person appointment with the specialists. You may wish to discuss this with the Office of Patient Experience.