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Very Loud Alarm Clocks

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Get a Shake and Wake…I have been using one for years…you have the option for strobe, sound or a vibrating disc that you put under your mattress. You can use all three settings and will be convinced the Martians have landed or just one or two settings. I use the vibrating disc under my 3 inch temperpedic mattress topper. Just make sure it is not directly under your head…just somewhere near your torso….it really vibrates. You will be jolted awake. The brand I have is Sonic Alert…Amazon has many types. I also have a small travel one that vibrates that I clip to a pillow.

The clocks numbers are large and mine has dimming options for the brightness and 2 different alarm settings. Also has a snooze function. Sonic Alert is my second one…first one lasted about 10 years.

FL Mary

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@imallears Thank you for replying so quickly. My cats – who reign my home and consider our bed to be "theirs" not mine, would automatically 'veto' anything shaking or vibrating, disturbing their very precious slumber. I much prefer very loud noise vs jolted. No longer purchase from Amazon as they require texting to login/enter code which is not possible without smart technology which I do not have or have ever used. No longer possible to use plain vanilla email login & ordering on Amazon (customer service phone calls were all repeated disasters). Hopefully Amazon does not have a monopoly on very loud alarm clocks!