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Nancy, Alumna Mentor (@1nan)

We all have waiting times

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@gingerw Dear friend Ginger. You are so good at observation of your surroundings and then beautifully describing them to us. Then you extract something deeper in meaning that can offer help, hope or inspiration from what you see. It is a gift that seems to help you find soft landings when life has tossed you around. Your acceptance of, “it is what it is” would be a blessing to those who become immobilized by fear and don’t know where their feet are, let alone where they want them to go. I wonder if what you actually do is rename your fear and then deal with your more familiar reality. If so, how might that be told or shown to others so they could get “unstuck” and find a less scared path?
Peace, Nancy

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@1nan In 12-step groups, FEAR is "False Evidence Appearing Real". So, you're right in that I really look into what is causing my fear, to figure out what is true, what is false. As you, Teresa, and Merry and others know, understanding your body, learning the health issues you face [be they physical, emotional, or mental], and how everything interacts, assists in making decisions, and removing a lot of the fears. I am someone who first looks at things in a logical sense, with few emotions, which for me, helps the "realness". I make the effort to not be afraid, sometimes quite a herculean effort, so decisions can be made with a clear head. I look at all the facts, understand what may be in the near or far future, and remind myself about being flexible.

Ten, five, even two years ago would I have ever guessed to be where I am today? Nope! But "it is what it is" and the best way to honor myself and my Spirit, is to address it all head-on and in my warrior pose. My disorders are not who I am.