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Nancy, Alumna Mentor (@1nan)

We all have waiting times

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@merpreb Merry, I am so grateful that I don’t go through fear in that way, but I certainly do appreciate and feel so sorry for those who have that experience. I have found that this time I am thinking about it more because my last Mayo Clinic appointment in January left the impression that they are considering it a matter of time before I am no longer in remission. While it is more curiosity that I am experiencing right now, I find it comforting to “know my enemy” and know that I will be able to deal with whatever happens because I have done it before. There is a lot of self-confidence that comes from believing and knowing that fact. I guess that is because it really is not an unknown, but rather like revisiting an experience. Is there anything in that thinking that might be of help to you? Nancy

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I love your phrase, "know my enemy." So important, @1nan.

To answer your question in the following post I would say that the one thing that makes it possible to move from fear to more helpful thinking would be educating myself about the disorder(s).

The more I learn about a health problem, the more control I feel. It helps me to talk with doctors with a bit more confidence and clarity and to enter into the treatment plan more fully.

Thanks for your comments!

@1nan– I'm glad that you aren't going through this fear in the way that I do. I agree with comfort in “knowing my enemy” I love the way both you and Ginger express yourselves.

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