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Harrington rods and complications

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@peggyparker When I lived in College Station, TX.. I had to go to Houston for some cardiologist work.. The Medical Centers of MD Anderson, St.Lukes, and others are top notch.. but the problem is those rods were put in to stabilize a spinal curvature problem that existed. Now the surgeons use fusion of vertebrae to stabilize the stack. Not knowing how long your rods are, how they were attached, and resultant scar tissue that developed we can only imagine the problems. I had spinal fusion in OKC in 1995 and have had little problem ever since.. That doctor is retired. But the main issue is if rods are taken out, fusion must take place to help hold your body erect.. K

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Hey Ken , thanks for the info, my rods are the result of a MVA , I burst L5 fusion has occured according to last MRI i had in 2018. Dr Kim in HOUSTON put the rods in , I cannot see him he is doing research not seeing patients, but the rods are about 12 inch long the length of my back .

SO are your rods gone,?

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