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Thanks for your help and support, C. I too look forward to participation – already one terrific idea, and one that was sent to the FDA!
One minor adjustment that I wanted to make but was unable to edit once discussion was started; perhaps you can do this from your end: I neglected to include MAC/MAI in the discussion heading so folk know precisely what condition we’re talking about…possible for you to do it?

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Hi boomerexpert, I also think we have alot in common like menopause,lifelong allergies, asthma,anxiety spa pools, famiy lung problems etc do you think it would be a good place for us to all list think what may contribiute to out MAC or would it be a bit off topic?

@heartert, I sure would like to know what is the common thread among all of us with this disease. I live in SE Wisconsin, one of the 7 high risk areas in the US for NTM/MAC … and the only place that is non-coastal. Go figure. I wonder if the CDC has collected data on people who have contracted NTM over the past 10 years, their demographics, other compromising diseases, life style, etc.

That data has been collected which is why we know highest concentration locales (FL, CA, WI, PA, LA) – what hasn’t been done…SURPRISE!!!…is the follow up to determine the reason for it…particularly, as you mentioned, that WI & PA aren’t coastal (although WI is on Lake Superior)…

An excellent idea…so yes, put this idea on the new discussion thread I created – we can gather data researchers can use!

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