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Hello Cila, when I travel .. I googled “shelf stable probiotics” .. I found this one so travel with it. It does not have as many billion but better than nothing!

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Cila, take some time to read this website .. has some good info. Plus if you have read past posts you know that I have always rotated 3 different probiotics .. just my decision .. to get the most benefit from various probiotics. Good luck and enjoy your time with your family .. in the long term family and friends are really what matter in life! Sending you a hug .. and safe travels! Katherine

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Hello Cila,
I have found VSL#3 to be the best probiotic, loaded with several species of beneficial bacteria. The different species allow for replication of what your normal flora should be composed of.You will find it is kept in your pharmacist’s refrigerator. The informational booklet says the microorganisms are still viable for up to two weeks at room temperature.
Enjoy your travels!