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I agree that if the scientists had some money to put into this they may find the answer quite soon, there is enough of us with this for the pharmaceutical companies to look into this a bit more. Wish I knew how to get this ball rolling. My doc said there is no new medicines in the pipeline just rehashing of the old antibiotic meds. We need new antibiotics to be produced, and not just for MAC, it has been in our news alot.

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@heathert and @katemn, some astounding good news came out of a scientific conference this week: A new antibiotic — so powerful it destroys MRSA — has been isolated from cells in the human nose! At this juncture, it is a promise not a reality; it will take a couple of years to develop it as a medication. But it is an amazing discovery.

Think of it, the most powerful antibiotic known to medicine is made naturally in the forefront of our respiratory system! For starters, you might Google the word “lugdunin” which is the name of the antibiotic substance that has been isolated. Here are two web site stories on the discovery and its disclosure this week:

Wow thats fantastic, science is so amazing, very interesting article.Thanks predictable

Thanks predictable! Just prior to my travels I saw my internist to renew my travel prescriptions .. I always travel with various prescriptions when I am out of the country. She spoke of doctor’s current concern about “supper bugs” that have become resistant to most antibiotics because doctors are over prescribing antibiotics just to keep patients happy .. frankly.

This would certainly give the medical community another arrow in their quiver for those “super bugs” .. even if not for any of our particular diseases. Good news no matter! Hope it comes about in a shorter time than two years!

@katemn, The war against antibiotic-resistant bacteria took another big step yesterday. The US and UK announced a partnership to spend $350 million over 5 years in speeding up discovery, development, and distribution of new antibiotics. This comes on the heels of last week’s disclosure of a new antibiotic that kills MRSA; it is called “lugdunin” and is formulated naturally in the human nose!

The new partnership includes the US Department of Health and Human Services and the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. For Britain, it is their Wellcome Trust and the AMR Center. Headquarters will be at Boston University’s School of Law.

The HHS is working on nine new antibiotics that could move into the market over the next three years. The project plans to work every year on 20 candidate drugs that can defeat resistant bacteria. Here are links to more info:

@predictable, this is such uplifting news for many … not just those of us with NTM or MAC/MAI. Thanks for sending this info.

wahooo that is great news, superbugs are such a problem in the world today, yay go usa and uk for getting proactive!


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