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Actually, if doc’s would put some time and effort behind seeking a more efficacious treatment, they might just find it is that easy…

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Boomerexpert .. I quite disagree with you.

I have found Dr. Timothy Aksamit of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota to be VERY committed to putting time and effort into finding and seeking out the most efficacious treatment available to me at this time .. BUT he is NOT God .. nor does he pretend to be. He is merely a hard working caring doctor doing his level best to help me.

Boomerexpert, perhaps you have not done your own due diligence in finding the very best doctor for your own personal care so that you would feel the same way about your current medical care as I do about mine. I hope you find serenity in your journey as I have found serenity in mine. Peace and serenity have a powerful effect on our health and recovery. Regards, Katherine

Ah, ye of little faith! You confuse avid advocacy with a need for doc’s to be God… This is not about the quality of doctoring given what’s currently available…it’s about changing what’s currently available to something that is more effective. I do believe that if each of us asked our physician(s) to call for more research on a better treatment given the significant uptick in infections here in the US alone (not counting the rest of the world) some may take that request further…some may dismiss it (as one person here experienced). But as is the case with anything, you have no chance of getting what you don’t ask for. We have all to gain/nothing to lose by engaging our doc’s in this needed crusade for change. I’ve given both my docs (pulmonologist and infectious disease) the link to this forum, so they can learn first hand how minimally effective, and for some, harmful, these meds are – both have said they’ve not before heard that so many folks are having such problematic responses to the meds.
It’s incumbent upon us to advocate for ourselves.

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