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Sophie, do feel hot at night? I noticed since I started the meds I hot all the time especially at night. I take my one meds at 11AM the the two at 1:20PM after I eat lunch. I need to find out about the ear. Do you know if you go to your Primary care Dr. or to the ENT Dr.? Thanks for help

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I am not hot at night as i always stay cold but this started even before i knew i had mac. I would check with my primary and if you need further testing, the doctor would probably recommend a ent for you.

Cila, I definitely did feel hot at night with one of my meds .. I thought it was the Rifampin .. so I would try to take it as early in the day as possible. (I sleep nude so that helps .. just throw off the covers!! .. I know TMI!!)

Ask your Doctor .. but I was told to have a baseline hearing and vision test prior to taking the meds.

Thanks Katherine, I will mention it to my Dr. when I see him. how do you take the probiotic with you when you travel when they need to in the fridge? I will be going to visit my son and I’m wondering how can I take them with me. Is it alright to just take what I need and put them in my purse, then when I get to his place put them in the fridge? Thanks for all your help!