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Thanks for your response. I notice that of I take the meds one at a time, maybe 10 to 15 minutes apart ( per doctor’s order)
with a piece of dry toast, I have no stomach issues at all. Maybe that will help. I also have an eye doctor’s appointment on july 21 to get my eyes checked. I was also told to download a colorblindness app on my phone to keep my colorblindness in check. I have only been on the meds for approximately 3 weeks, got a long way to go.

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Sophie, what a smart idea to download a colorblindness app on a phone! That type of thing was not available .. OR not known to me when I was diagnosed .. thank you SO much for mentioning it! That is why this Forum is so helpful to all of us .. we learn from each other! Would you mind telling us the name of the app that you have found helpful? Best to you! Katherine

One of the test Is called CBT – Color Blindness Test and the other is called Color Blindness Test. There are a lot of different tests that you can download. I take the tests frequently, so as to keep my eyes in check…………

Thank you, Sophie! That is GREAT information to add to our Forum’s “file cabinet” of knowledge for current and future seekers of knowledge on our shared journey! Don’t forget that these pages are read by all the new people who are just beginning the journey .. who are just thirsting for knowledge on just how to handle all the little details of this journey. Everything we can add that can help them on their way is wonderful!

This Forum truly IS like a MAI/MAC “FILE CABINET” on how to deal with the disease. The tips and help we have found that help us .. will help those In the future! It is US .. “playing it forward”! Keep up the good work! Hugs to all! Katherine

Sophie, the only thing I would add is: don’t drive yourself crazy with “testing frequently”. It I like weighing yourself every day when on a diet .. will make yourself crazy! I would ask your doctor .. but my guess is that if you choose a day of the week and check weekly .. that would be sufficient! Due Diligence but not becoming your disease!

Thanks for reminding me not to let the virus define me but let me define the virus. And for those out there who are just starting this journey, lay your hands on your body and ask God to heal whatever ails you. God can heal and he will answer prayer. I feel great. One of my friends told me yesterday, “you look great”. I feel great also. I exercise regularly, I changed my diet, and I PRAY often…… and I will continue to prayer for those, who like me are just starting out on this our journey and that we will be at peace with whatever decision we make about our health and life. Have a good morning…….