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Hi mimi68 was there any new information for us?

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Hi Heathert, Since I am new to this site and also this blog, I felt I got some valuable information to discuss with my pulmonologist. They talked about symptoms, treatment, sources from which the infection comes, which some of this is repeat of what I’ve already read. I was mostly interested in the testing procedures for this disease as my doctor is rather set on treating it before we are even certain that I have it. They also talked about ways to prevent getting the infection. I feel that if you have access to SiriusXM, Doctor channel 110, it will be worth your while to listen to it. The part about NTM is about an hour long.

Hello Mimi,
If anyone hears where we can get a written transcript I’d really be interested in this! I am one of those “Visual Learners” so that would be most helpful for me! Best to all! Katherine