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Enjoy reading your blogs. I just found out that I have MAC also. I read some articles about MAC hides in the pipe of the water. Do you take extra precaution with tap water?


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Hello Ana
MAC is a pretty common microorganism. It is found pretty much everywhere. In water, even in salt water, in house dust, in soil, animals and birds...the only reason some of us become infected is because of some underlying condition which allows for the growth of such microorganisms in our tissues. The most common reason a person becomes a host to MAC is when there is a compromise in immunity. Like in AIDS patients for example. Pulmonary MAC is found in folks with underlying lung disease, such as COPD or asthma, as it is my case.
Aside from taking the 12 month course of the 3 prescribed antibiotics, my doctor has not recommended any additional environmental precautions.
All the best to you!

Enjoy reading all this information as well. I was diagnosed in January of this year and I have had so much trouble taking the 3 meds. I am now trying essential oils, which seem to be helping. The meds were horrible........even caused my teeth to turn orange.....I grabbed the Crest strips immediately! I am finding that cooler, damp/wet days are much harder than sun/warm days. The meds are so expensive, even with good insurance and they caused me to be in bed REALLY sick for 17-24 hours and being a school teacher I could not do this. I am getting an appointment with an Infection Control Doctor today and seriously considering changing from my Pulmonologist.

I agree with Liliane, initially I placed a filter on my shower .. but truthfully NO one really knows how we get this .. so just best to exercise .. try to eat properly and live in a positive manner!

Hello Ana,
I was "stable" meaning we will ALWAYS have mycobacterium in our lungs .. BUT no "colonies" increasing at the moment. After 30 months on 4-5 antibiotics I was told I was stable May 2014! While on the antibiotics I religiously rotated 3 different probiotics ..choosing probiotics of the most billions I could find.

In terms of exercise: I have been using a Nordic Track for many years plus my own "form" of yoga and stretching. I used to do weights but as I aged I read that stretching was even more important than weights. So now I just warm up on the Nordic Track using 5# weights in my hands for 5 minutes prior to the exercise .. then try to do 30 minutes including warm up and cool down on the Nordic Track. The Nordic Track is like a ski machine. Some people might have a problem with balancing on it but since I have been doing it for years .. I like it. I've always said it would help my balance going into my 80's .. hopefully! My intent is to exercise 3x per week but truthfully I ALLOW life to intrude .. and usually don't make that goal .. BUT it IS my goal and it will continue to be my goal!

Ana, because of my responsibility to the Forum .. I am also going to include this in the Forum. I usually do not do private messages. I am currently spending quite a bit of time per day answering emails and LOVE helping people through our shared journey .. in the beginning it is sometimes a scary one .. UNTIL we become educated about our journey. THEN we make peace with that journey .. that is why I do what I do I did NOT have this Forum when I began my journey .. and I felt very alone. I do not want newly diagnosed people to feel as alone as I felt! Sending you positive energy and a Big Hug! Katherine

Hello All! I just heard the absolutely most heart warming thing on the news today! I think I have mentioned the wonderful person who told me when I was diagnosed the saying "If we all put our troubles in a great big circle .. more than likely .. we would all take back our own troubles!" WELL!! Today .. I was AGAIN .. reminded that CERTAINLY I WOULD take my own troubles back from that circles .. in a MOST heartwarming manner!

Please take a moment to view this WONDERFUL video .. it will just MAKE YOUR DAY .. WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!!

Backyard Ball Field in Wisconsin Teaches Kids More than Baseball

Sending you all a hug .. and realizing we all have our own journeys to travel .. and MANY have much tougher ones!