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I am an active 59 year old woman with pulmonary MAC and aspergillosis. Just started my year long treatment,3x week with three antibiotics. I am having major problems with acid regurgitation. Tried everything: splitting up the dose into two meals, drinking lots of water, light evening meal, not lying down and only taking the meds during the day...my mouth is burning and it is hard to imagine a whole year like this. On a positive note, this is my only side effect. And since my MAC was diagnosed fairly quicly, I also have few symptoms, apart from the occasional asthma. Any pointers on avoiding all this acidity?
Thank you so much!

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Yes. Try acidopholis...works wonders to replace the good bacteria the antibiotics are killing!

Thanks for your note. Have you tried kefir? You can make your own and it has lots of probiotics.


Hello Liliane, when I started my treatment of 5 antibiotic Dr. Aksamit of Mayo Clinic immediately recommended that I take a daily probiotic. I did a bit of research .. and for myself decided to seek out 3 different brands of the MOST billions of probiotics that I could find. That way I felt I would get the advantage of various types of probiotics .. I rotated daily the 3 brands. So in thirty months of taking 4-5 antibiotics I did not get a single yeast infection.

Because I also have GERDS (acid reflux) I personally take a daily Aciphex tablet AND have raised the head of my bed by 5 inches. This can be done simply by using "bed risers"

( http://smile.amazon.com/Greenco-Super-Strong-Furniture-Storage/dp/B00M9FXFG0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1463723955&sr=8-2&keywords=bed+risers+4+inch "

.. raising the head of the bed helps a lot.

In terms of the burning mouth. Ask your dentist if you have developed "Geographic Tongue" .. google it .. you will be able to tell if you might have it. My dentist recommended using VERY LITTLE "Colgate PreviDent 5000 Plus" toothpaste. Plus I read .. and it has helped .. swish 3x per day a mixture of 5-10 drops of GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract mixed in one cup distilled water. I find that "swishing" for several minutes helpful

Hope this is helpful! Wonderful that you were diagnosed early! Sending you positive energy! Katherine

June 16, 2016
Just went to my wonderful dentist .. mentioned my "burning .. painful tongue". He told me "geographic tongue" .. is NOT painful! He diagnosed "thrush" and gave me a prescription of Oral Nystation that he is having me "swish" around my mouth for 2 minutes 4x daily. Then because I have had it for so long he feels I have it inside my body so rather than spit it out .. he is having my swallow the Nystatin. I am very grateful for such a smart dentist! Hope he does not retire too soon!